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Pricing List

Pay as you go monthly payment plans available.
0% interest on selected treatments

New Patient Examination                       £50    

Routine exam                                              £35

X rays – each                                         £5      

Emergency                                           £65

Scale & Polish                                      £50    

Extraction                                           From £50

Air Abrasion                                        £80 – £150    

Invisalign                                            From £3500

Periodontal Hygiene                            From £100   

Mouthguard                                         £70

GK Diamond Clean                               £175

Retainers                                            £90

White Filling                                       From £80

Crowns/Onlays/Inlays                           From £350

Dentures                                             From £650

Bridge Per Unit                                    £500

Root Canal                                           From £150

Veneers                                               £300 – £450

Boutique Whitening                              £275

WhiteWash Whitening                           £250

Prices may change depending on external factors such as the increase of lab fees.

Clinic has full discretion whether they offer discounted prices to certain patients. 

This page will be regularly updated. If there is a treatment you’re interested in but don’t see a price for then please contact us.