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New patients at GK Dental

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Register as a Private or NHS patient?

At  GK Dental, we will always give you a choice between the two and enable you to make a decision which benefits you.

Private Dental Treatment or NHS ?

GK Dental is a mixed dental practice which means we provide both NHS and Private dental treatments in order to offer our services to as many people as possible. This is because some of the treatments highly demanded are not usually available on the NHS, therefore, we try to accommodate our patients with private options to increase their range of choices.

What to expect

Your first visit is an essential opportunity for us to get to know you better and learn about your background, requirements, and desires, as well as any concerns you may have regarding your oral health or aesthetic goals.


We want to help you keep and improve your smile at GK Dental Practice. We have a lot of experience effectively treating a wide range of patients who are all extremely happy.

+44 14503 71777

Our staff members are super friendly and approachable. You will be welcomed into our practice and greeted like you are part of the GK Dental practice family.

You will be requested to complete a confidential medical history form to enable us to provide you the safest and most suitable treatment.

Once called through to our dentist, they will perform a full oral assessment to determine what treatment you require and answering any of your questions. This will be your chance to discuss your desired goals and wishes for your smile.

After our examination and discussion, we will produce a tailored treatment plan best sutied for you. We offer both NHS treatments and treatments which the NHS may not offer (private treatments).

NHS Registrations are subject to a waiting list.

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